What is CricIQ all about

ESPNCricInfo’s CricIQ is an activity for those ardent fans who want to put their Cricketing knowledge to test. CricIQ would let you as a fan know more about the game from a different aspect and direction. To put your knowledge and be rewarded for it, CricIQ is the ultimate Cricket Quotient.


1. What is the overall format of CricIQ season 4?

CricIQ season 4 comprises of two phases: Phase I is called CricIQ Social which is played on Twitter, Phase II is called Powerplays which is played on the website www.criciq.com. Phase I will run for 3 weeks, from 18th April 2016 to 8th May 2016. Phase II will run for 3 weeks, from 9th May 2016 to 29th May 2016. The winners from each phase qualify for the next round of cricIQ i.e. the hangout-based semifinal round. Winners of semifinal rounds will battle it out in the grand finale of CricIQ Season 4 to be held in Bangalore

Phase Winners: 1 winner from every week of Phase I and 3 winners from every week of Phase II. This means a total of 12 winners qualify for semifinal round of cricIQ.


1. How do I log-in to play ESPNcricinfo CricIQ?

You can play ESPNcricinfo CricIQ through your ESPNcricinfo account or through one of your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter or Google+).

2. How many accounts can I create to play CricIQ?

Your first registration with CricIQ will have to be using one of the login options. Once registered, you will have the option to pull in your friends from Facebook and/or Google+ to create leagues and battle amongst your group.

Though the Powerplay rounds are backed by a near-inexhaustible question bank, and the number of attempts a user can make are finite, users are requested to not create more than one account to play the game. ESPNcricinfo reserves the right to disqualify all accounts of users who are found to have gained an unfair advantage by creating multiple accounts to play the game, or if we find out that two or more people have combined their efforts to create a profile and unfairly game the system.

3. Who is eligible to play CricIQ?

The game is open to everyone, but only residents of India above 18 years of age are eligible for prizes in this season of the game.

Browser errors

1. I am getting a 'Security Error'. What do I do?

Exit the site completely and try to enter your team again. If you still have the problem, make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser.

2. I am getting 'Java Script Errors'. What do I do?

Make sure you are using the latest version of your web browser and that your browser has cookies and javascript enabled.

Gameplay - Powerplays

1. What is the format of the Powerplay round?

Each instance or ‘attempt’ of the Powerplay consists of 15 questions in multiple-choice format from ESPNcricinfo’s near-inexhaustible data bank. The questions are classified into three levels based on the difficulty levels. During each attempt, a player has three lifelines to help him answer the questions correctly.

2. How does one score points in the Powerplay round?

Players are rated on the accuracy of their answers, as well as the speed at which they are getting their answers right. The questions are classified into three levels based on difficulty level, and every single question has a countdown timer.

  • Easy questions:100 points each (60 seconds on the countdown timer)

  • Medium-level questions:150 points (75 seconds)

  • Difficult questions:200 point (90 seconds)

When a player answers a question correctly, he gets the direct points awarded for that question, and additionally a time-bonus equivalent of the amount of time in seconds left on the clock for that question.

For instance, answering an easy question correctly in 14 seconds will yield a total of 146 points: 100 direct points, and 46 (i.e. 60 – 14) time bonus points. Answering a difficult question in 22 seconds will yield a total of 268 points: 200 direct points, and 68 (i.e. 90 – 22) time bonus points.

If a question isn’t answered by the time the clock ticks down to 0 seconds, the next question automatically appears on the screen. No points are awarded for questions that are answered incorrectly, and for questions that aren’t answered at all. There is no negative scoring either.

3. Some of the questions are quite hard. Is there anything to help me along?

Yes. There are three lifelines that you can use during the course of each Powerplay attempt:

  • 50/50 – This lifeline will eliminate two options out of the four that appear for the current question. It can be used only once during a Powerplay attempt.

  • Switch Hit – This lifeline will replace the current question with another one of the same difficulty level.

  • Sneak peek – This lifeline can be used to pre-check whether a particular option is correct or not before confirming. Like DRS, you can keep using this lifeline until you make a wrong ‘referral’

4. How many times can I play the Powerplay round?

You can make a Powerplay attempt up to three times a day, throughout the duration of the contest. The back-end engine keeps track of the questions you have faced in previous attempts, and ensures that you are fed new questions every time you attempt the Powerplay.

5. I have a basic phone which can connect to the internet, but I am unable to play CricIQ on the same. Will you be making it available for this handset soon?

Unfortunately, the current season of CricIQ is available only as a web URL that will work on computers, tablets and smart phones only.

6. How will my Powerplay performance help me progress to the next round of CricIQ?

The Powerplay stage will be split into 3 rounds, with each round running for the duration of a week. At the end of each round, the top 3 contestants i.e. players with the top three ‘best scores’ made in that Powerplay round – will progress into the Qualifier Hangout rounds. Score here means the score of a particular attempt. A user can have maximum 3 attempts in a day. Thus, even 1 attempt can qualify a user to the next round if the score in that attempt falls into the top 3 of that week. For more information, check out the Road to Finale

Even if you miss out in the first couple of Powerplay rounds, you can always make up for it in the remaining Powerplay rounds. All it takes to proceed further is a single good Powerplay performance, so never give up !

7. Why do I have to share my email ID when I am logging in via Facebook? I am worried of being spammed.

The email address is collected solely to enable us to be in touch with you regarding prizes if you are eligible for any, or regarding your qualification to subsequent rounds. We assure you that we will never send you unsolicited spam.

8. I have one of the top 3 best scores for the current round. What happens next?

All rounds are week-long and end on Sunday, and you only qualify if you are in the top 3 at the end of the week. So keep playing every day to make sure you stay in the top three until the end of the week.

If you finish the Powerplay round in the top three, you have progressed to the Hangout knockout stage (subject to a check from our end that you’ve satisfied all the requirements to be in the Hangout round). Congratulations! We will be in touch with you. For more indicative details about your progression, check out the Road to Finale.

9. My best score for a day/week were tied with another player, and now I see the other player being adjudged the winner. Please explain.

This could be because the other player beat you in the tie-breaker. If two contestants are tied on the same score on a daily or weekly leaderboard, then the tie-breaker will be as follows:

The player who has played fewer attempts overall until then will be given the higher rank. If both players are still tied, then we will check the first question of both players’ respective attempts. Whoever got it correct it in lesser time will be given the higher rank. If both scored the first question in the same amount of time, then we will check the second question and so on until the 15th question, until a winner emerges.

10. I lost internet connectivity when I was in the middle of my Powerplay attempt. Now I can play a new attempt, but cannot resume the previous one. Is there a chance to resume it?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to resume an attempt that was interrupted in this manner. The engine will consider this attempt as completed at the point at which you lost your internet connectivity, and will count your points up to that moment. Please wait until the end of the day to ensure the score reflects under your profile.

11. I have never participated in a Hangout. Does it inhibit my chances of winning the Hangout rounds?

Not at all! To participate in a Google Hangout, all you need is a google account, and a reliable broadband internet connection. We will prep you on the logistics of the hangouts beforehand.

Although ESPNcricinfo will make all possible efforts to accommodate players without good internet connectivity, we might be forced to disqualify users in case their connections aren’t up to the mark.

12. I have qualified for one of your hangout rounds, but I am scheduled to travel on the same day and cannot make it. Could you please reschedule?

In special circumstances, we will do our best to accommodate such requirements, but in most cases this won’t be possible since pushing a qualifier into a different Hangout round will affect the progression plan of the entire game.


1. I am just a casual fan, and don’t have the cricket knowledge progress to the subsequent stages and become the CricIQ champion. What is in this for me?

CricIQ has something in it for everyone - whether you are a serious cricket nerd, or a casual fan of the game. There are daily prizes for the top two best scores on each day. Think you aren’t good enough to be on top of that leaderboard? Don’t worry – there are prizes for the top 10 on the Leaderboard. The more you play the game the higher you get on the Leaderboard. For the full prize schedule, click here

More importantly, there is plenty to do in CricIQ even if you aren’t in the running for the big prizes. You can form leagues with your friends and claim bragging rights by performing better than them. To do this, you will have to log-in to the game, create a league and invite friends. Or join a league created by your friend(s). You may also sync your CricIQ profile created using your ESPNcricinfo account with your social profiles.

2. I am a resident of India, but currently outside India on a work assignment. Am I eligible to participate and win prizes in CricIQ?

Yes, you are eligible to play as long as you are able to furnish valid documents as and when demanded by ESPN showing your residential status in India. Also, in case you qualify as a participant for the on-ground finale, it will be your sole responsibility to make yourself available for the event. ESPN will not bear any expenses for your travel or accommodation for the same.